Paper can jam if it’s not rigid enough (if it’s “floppy”): compare it with Navigator paper by placing both over the edge of a table to see which one is the floppiest, and therefore more likely to jam. If paper has been out of its packaging for a long time, it will have absorbed humidity from the atmosphere. When it’s printed, the water will evaporate more from the hotter side, which will cause it to curl and jam. This is especially the case on a Monday morning, when paper has been in a cold, damp environment and is then passed through a hot printer without having a chance to warm up. If a printer has used rough, low quality paper in the past, it will wear out the pick-up rollers, which means that any good, smooth paper like Navigator may have feeding issues.

To get around this, either use a cotton bud to clean the rollers or have the printer serviced by a professional technician.