While tree plantations (managed forests) don’t have as much biodiversity as wild forests, they are much more economically useful and provide important jobs in the countryside. They also have more biodiversity than intensive annual crops such as wheat and maize, which disturb the topsoil, causing erosion.

In countries such as Portugal, with many small land-owners, managed eucalyptus forests are small enough to provide cover for wildlife while co-existing with native species, such as cork oaks, green oaks and olive trees, enabling wildlife to nest and feed. Portugal’s forests grew 61% in the 20th century and currently cover more than 35% of the country, significantly more than the UK’s 12%. European forests (and especially Portugal’s) have been expanding quickly to provide raw materials for pulp and paper, construction, and biomass heating.

So every time you use a Navigator ream, think positive: You are helping European forests grow and are NOT contributing to rainforest destruction.