The ideal paper for your everyday printing that’s the perfect match between environment and performance.

Navigator Premium Recycled 20 lb is a paper made with an advanced formula that uses selected, high-quality recycled fibers, reinforcing the 3R concept and ensuring Navigator paper’s premium quality.

Available in

  • 20lb

The reinvention that gives everything

A special blend of recycled and virgin fibers ensures winning performance and results.

Combining double savings on ecological resources, you’ll get a printing experience will be the living proof that performance is defined by results and not by the weight.

A master of environmental preservation

Our advanced formula allows us to use 30% post-consumer content to produce Navigator Premium Recycled:

20% pre-consumer waste
Unprinted uncoated paper diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process.

30% post-consumer waste
Paper that has already been used and entered the recycling process.
This way you can have the same amount of premium quality paper using less wood, water, and energy.

Print without jams

Eucalyptus globulus fibers are the key ingredient to make a paper with superior thickness and stiffness, reducing curl and maximizing runnability.

Print on a recycled white paper

Compromise with the environment without jeopardizing the bright white look of your documents and your savings.

The use of new fibers allows higher whiteness than other recycled papers, without the need to use as many chemicals.

Save toner and Protect your equipment

Navigator’s improved surface enhances toner adhesion and ink absorption, providing a better printing quality.

It also generates less dust (a common problem with traditional recycled papers), protecting office equipment and increasing its lifetime.

How we deliver these results

Whiteness, smoothness, thickness and opacity are the key characteristics that make our office paper your print ally to success.

Download the chart range and learn what made our premium paper.

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Navigator Premium Recycled 20 lb

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Reduced Costs Lower weight reduces postal and transportation costs while allowing the use of the same sheets to copy and print.

Circular Economy Our fully integrated circular process of paper making allows us to bring new life to recycled paper and wood disposals.

Just like in nature, nothing is wasted and it all can be combined in an almost perpetual loop of circular economy.

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