Navigator Premium Multipurpose is your natural choice when you’re looking for an office paper to fit all your printing needs and great performance in high volume printing.

Your reports, contracts or presentations will amaze everyone with its vivid colors in a superb image definition. Print duplex without worrying with any show through.

Available in

  • 20lb
  • 24lb

Top notch printing quality results

Whether you are at home or work, whether you have a Copier, a Laser, an Inkjet Duplex or Multifunctional printer, always expect the same top quality results from a paper that wants to excel your expectations

Save money by saving toner

All you have to do is to adjust your printer settings for a more economic toner consumption and print with the same quality you’re used to.

And because we know how important is to protect your office equipment, we developed an improved and smoother surface resulting in less damage to printers and a longer lifetime of printers.
All in all, a top notch print quality!

Save time and increase productivity

Did you know that on average a paper jam can take up to 3 minutes to solve?

Print on Navigator paper and benefit from a 99.99% rate jam. That means a faster production speed with only one jam every 10.000 sheets and more time for what really matters.

How we deliver these results

Whiteness, smoothness, thickness and opacity are the key characteristics that make our office paper your print ally to success.

Download the chart range and learn what made our premium paper.

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Navigator Premium Multipurpose 20 lb

Your Demand for quality

Navigator Premium Multipurpose 20lb is ideal for everyday printing in all office equipment.

Perfect to print copies, faxes, drafts, internet printing, meeting notes, office memo, newsletters and more. It is chlorine-free and made from 80% natural, renewable resources.


Ultra-bright surface delivers crisp, quality prints

Acid-free for archival-quality

Jam-free and compatible with all office equipment

Navigator Premium Multipurpose 20lb
offers superb jam-free performance and superior quality consistency over time, every time.

Navigator Premium Multipurpose 24 lb

Success at the palm of your hands

Navigator Multipurpose 24 lb paper in white color delivers crisp, high-contrast text and images when printed/copied. Specially engineered to deliver
high-quality results, it is designed for everyday printing.

Ultra-bright surface delivers crisp, quality prints

Acid-free for archival-quality

Jam-free and compatible with all office equipment

Heavier Weight for high-quality documents

Whether you need to prepare a colorful presentation or copy a contract or any important quality document, Navigator Premium Multipurpose 24lb is the right paper for the job.

Navigator Multipurpose Performance

Navigator Multipurpose Office Paper is available in 20lb and 24lb, all of which deliver high-quality results. Select your best Top Notch option.

Bs/Weight 20lb 24lb
8 1/2×11
5 Ream
8 1/2×14
8 1/2×11 3HP
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