Looking for an office paper that guarantees excellent printing quality and superb respect for the environment?

Navigator Eco-logical paper is your eco-logical choice for everyday usage with ultimate performance.


    A global printing commitment one sheet at a time

    Navigator Eco-logical is produced using 40% less wood. But thanks to Eucalyptus globulus quality fibers this eco-paper keeps its thickness and stiffness intact.

    This means we can still do high volume printing on a daily basis with excellent quality while saving the planet.

    Make a difference at work

    Reduce your office annual waste disposal by about 10%.
    Navigator Eco-logical ensures you more performance, less jams, and fewer glitches.

    65% Green Energy

    Navigator Eco-Logical is produced using mostly green energy (biomass), which not only reduces dependency from fossil fuels but also emissions.

    Fewer Natural Resources used

    Fewer Natural Resources in the paper production cycle.

    How we deliver these results

    Whiteness, smoothness, thickness and opacity are the key characteristics that make our office paper your print ally to success.

    Download the chart range and learn what made our premium paper.

    Download Chart

    Navigator Eco-Logical

    It all begins in the forest

    We grow more than 12 million plants every year in our forest nurseries. Portuguese forests have risen by 77% in the last century, with a huge contribution from the paper industry.

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